Monday, November 15, 2010

What Are You Saying?

What are you saying about yourself on the internet? I used to hide away my journals, poems, and notes. Some of us even put password protection on our personal thoughts. Now we write, blog, journal and discuss our breakfast choices as we transmit our messages all over the web.

It’s a nice idea to do a search on your name and business to check what is out there about you. Sometimes blogs or comments you made years ago will show up through Google Maps or some other search engine.

Know what your online impression is saying about you. Research yourself and your business online.

This kind of transparency can be very effective in showing us loud and clear where are activities and values are. It also lets everyone else know.

It pays to be tactful, honest and ethical in our communication online in and person. In the show “The Human Face” researchers showed that people are more likely to be courteous when they see someone face-to-face than they are in a car or online. There is something about seeing someone’s face, body language, and reactions that make us more polite.

As an employer, consultant or job seeker, do you check prospective employees or businesses on social networking sites? I check professionals that I may want to work or collaborate with. I want to see how they write and what their writing style is. I check to see if a site is all marketing or if I can get a glimpse of their product and expertise.

The Human Face

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