Saturday, November 27, 2010


What a surprise to see a bright orange pepper growing in the garden. All types of peppers need sunshine and warm weather. They thrive in the summer months. After having rain, frosty mornings and cold afternoons this week I expected to see the peppers wilted and barren, but orange, green, and yellow peppers survived. 

As I took a nice cold walk today, I wondered what it takes to be resilient and survive adverse conditions. I listened to a TED video  of Zainab Salbi on "Women, wartime and the dream of peace." What was it that allowed these women and children to survive crises, abuse, and war? There were mothers who put on puppet shows as missiles sailed across their homes so the children would be less afraid. Teachers kept schools open in war areas so children would have a future.

What keeps us going when we are out of our element, being challenged, or asked to be heroes? Maybe it's like the heat of a pepper that clears the sinuses in small doses, but causes discomfort, blisters, and scarring when used in excess. As Ms. Salbi describes so well, it is important to bring in the flavor and influence of women and children young and old as well as the politics of  domination. We who have so much can make the world a better place for those who are surviving extreme challenges.

20 minutes walking

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