Wednesday, November 10, 2010


I was so happy to get my new Earth Exer-walk shoes from Zappos. My shoes are the most important part of my wardrobe. A good pair of shoes puts a bounce in my step and propels me along. claims they are "powered by service." It is possible for a business to make a profit and put the customer first. With free shipping both ways I was able to keep two pair of shoes and send one back with no shipping cost. Whether the shoes work or not, they just want the customer to be happy. That's my plug for Zappos. I want to run my business in the same way. Making the customer happier than they were when they started working with me.

I walked in the wind as the leaves were cascading from the trees. The branches were blowing and the leaves were flying everywhere. I felt like I could just let go and fly.

Structure and discipline keep me productive, but sometimes I just want to blow with the wind and see where it takes me.
30 minutes walking

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