Monday, November 8, 2010

A Pleasantly Rainy Day

It is lovely to have a pleasantly rainy day when you are prepared for it. I had my raincoat, umbrella, and a good pair of shoes for the rain. The dogs loved getting out, and my husband and I had a nice conversation. Getting out in a nice fall rain is like having a mini crisis in your life. You can feel grumpy, agitated, or just plain annoyed. If the feelings build, then a big storm will come up and make a big mess. That's how I used to feel when I walked in the rain without an umbrella or warm shoes--wet and soggy. I was unprepared for the rain that comes every year. We know that misunderstandings happen. It's as if we communicate in different languages at times. The pressure can easily build up without realizing it. If you are prepared with a little protective gear, then every situation isn't personal or disruptive.

Expressing your feelings in a positive way, walking, getting outdoors, and learning good communication skills helps prepare you for the normal storms that come up. Just don't let your feelings build up to the level of a full blown tornado. Taking time to build relationships with your kids, your partner, friends, and colleagues will create a strong foundation for weathering the winter storms.

30 minutes walking

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