Monday, November 29, 2010

The Power of Beauty

"Our world is filled with breathtaking structures of incredible beauty, but mostly, our eyes are closed to them. I suppose it's like the old saying, the fish can't see the water it is in. Today, you will be surrounded by gorgeous, stunning, exquisite, magnificent structures. If you begin to look, your eyes will become open to an aspect of the world most people miss seeing. Something wonderful can happen as this universe within the world opens to you." Robert Fritz

It was time for a walk, so we bundled up and went out. I said I would walk everyday, so I will. I walk the same path several times a week, and occasionally very my destination. It's easy to see the same neighborhood, park, benches, and trees without marveling at their wonders. But then I look again and see a tree that is a brighter shade of red, sunlight sparkling on the grass, or clouds passing over. A smiling face or a dog barking as he enjoys a frolic in the park. Everyday is different even if it is the same. A new adventure is waiting to see what you bring to your day.

45 minutes walking

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