Wednesday, November 17, 2010


The scent of cinnamon apples filled the house all day. Apples from Apple Hill were baking in the crock pot. The smell of cinnamon was warm, relaxing, and welcoming. Noticing the pleasantness of the cinnamon scent, I thought about how good cinnamon makes me feel. Recent Research by Dr. P. Zoladz found that just smelling cinnamon improved memory and thinking. Must be why I felt very productive today. I even went for a second walk.

In her book, Healing Spaces, Dr. Sternberg says that sounds and smells from nature and fond memories are very healing. The results of studies on pleasant smells may lead to hospitals piping pleasant smells into the ventilation systems in hospitals. Outdoor scenes and pleasant smells had a positive healing affect on patients. I can just bake with cinnamon, notice all of the wonderful fall smells, and find healing in my own home and neighborhood.

90 minutes walking

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