Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Opportunities in the Air

It is the first day of November and a beautiful day for a walk. The windless blue skies are giving us a break in the weather before winter sinks in it’s cold damp teeth. With the holidays approaching this month and next, job seekers often say it’s a bad time to look for a job. Some employers are willing to wait until the new year to begin hiring, while others are busier than ever this time of year.

Shopping, cooking, eating out, and movies are popular in November and December. If you think about all of the different work that goes into entertainment, you will find where the employment is. People often put off elective surgery, glasses, dental work and other necessary but non-urgent needs.

You want to think like an entrepreneur if you want to find a job or business opportunity in uncertain times. As an entrepreneur, think about the products or services that would be popular this time of year. If your field of expertise is in an area other than the thriving businesses, then think about what you would do if you were the employer. If you had work that needed to be done and didn’t want to go through a permanent hiring process right now, you might think about hiring someone temporary. The right temporary person could turn out to be an easy hire in January.

If you own your own business, think about what people need or want during the winter months. Is there something you could add to your portfolio to meet an off season need? There are always opportunities for those of us who have an entrepreneurial spirit.

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