Friday, January 28, 2011

Pen & Paper

I seem to have lost my computer power cord going through security at the airport. I wondered how I would write or work during my month's stay in NM. I can get my extra cord from home in a few days, but I feel lost without my own computer.

It was interesting that today I caught a podcast on The Accidental Creative #177 about ways to work more effectively while generating new ideas. One suggestion was to turn off your gadgets, Take a pen and paper and go outside. Observe, write, and imagine.

I got out my pen & paper and started writing. It was actually fun. Innovative ideas come from new experiences, changing your environment, and connecting with creative people.

I will need to be more resourceful to keep up my writing, but in the meantime I am learning to use my daughter's iPad. Thank you, Jenn! I am glad to have some access to technology. Have you found ways to take a break from the volumes of information coming at you on the Internet?

20 minutes walking


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