Friday, January 14, 2011


Deciding whether someone will be a collaborator, colleague, or friend is like a walk in the park. You may have a friend that you respect. You can talk about your interests and passion and if you have similar interests, you may be able to work on a project or business venture together. You may decide the person is a colleague who is in a similar business that you can learn from their expertise. Or you may find that you are friends with different business interests. Take a walk, listen, observe, and respect the different goals people have in their lives.

Collaboration and relationship building are the keys to success in your life and work in the 21st century, but determining how to collaborate and with whom takes time. A passionate entrepreneur can overwhelm friends and family and they may even feel taken advantage of if there are not clear boundaries. Communication, honesty, and integrity are the keys to finding collaborators and partners while keeping your relationships healthy.

If you are receiving this blog post in an email, I consider you an interested friend, colleague or collaborator. If you would rather not receive this blog in an email, just unsubscribe or let me know. Communication and understanding are the keys to building a successful network.

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