Thursday, January 20, 2011

Gnarly Roots

My neighbor has a tree with gnarly roots that meander across their lawn. The big shallow arms seem to be reaching for the surface of the earth on the other side of the yard. I walk past another house and the landscape seems to be in harmony. The roots are tucked comfortably under the earth being nurtured by the underground water supply.

Like trees, some people seem deeply rooted and thrive in their environments, while others seem to be transplanted from their natural habitat. A person who needs sunshine and exercise to feel mentally and emotionally healthy may find themselves working in a cubicle for eight or nine hours a day. They can feel stifled, shut down, and disengaged.

The need for color, light, fresh air, and physical activity affects each of us differently, Some of us work better surrounded by beauty and music while others get a sense of accomplishment from spending hours looking at a computer screen developing a new program. We often underestimate the value of our environments.

If you feel like the gnarly tree scratching at the surface to find a breath of fresh air, you may be in an environment that stifles your growth. Look deeper. What can you do to make your environment more pleasant? Where are your roots trying to take you?

30 minutes walking

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  1. So true! I can sure tell when I don't get color, light, fresh air and activity outdoors! I get grumpy! We definitely need to watch our reaction to our environment.


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