Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Recycling the Story

I had a little trouble throwing all of those words in the trash yesterday. Some definitely had to go, but others stuck with me. They just didn't fit in the book I was working on. I realized that I had more than one way to tell the story.

I am working on writing about how job seekers and business owners need to take charge of their lives and have a plan. In fact, even if you are retired you still have expectations, dreams, and hopes. Developing a simple LifeWork Success Plan™ will help you think about how you want to spend your time and money no matter where you are in your life.

I was writing about how to develop a plan and kept interjecting my own experiences in developing and using the plan, then I had an example of someone else using it, and then how you can use it. Whew! Too much even for me.

I realized that I can recycle some of the material into an eBook. Like raking the leaves in the fall and moving them to the garden to grow new vegetables, I can move words to another place and change the focus of the story.

I realized that in my own life I sometimes have too many thoughts, memories, and emotions all tangled up together. Some can be moved somewhere else and put in a new story. My own story can be told in so many different ways. I can't control all of the experiences and circumstances in my life, but I can decide where I want them in my story. Some thoughts and memories become headings large and bold while others are tiny footers hardly noticeable.

Long walks with family, friends and colleagues, cool breezes, baby smiles and ocean waves are all big bold headings in my story.

30 minutes walking

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