Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Dark Rainy Day

 A dark damp rainy day is great for contemplating, reflecting, and stirring up ideas all at the same time. As I looked out the window, I thought about how the rain does so many things at one time. The rain cleans the air, washes the sidewalks, waters the garden, wets your windshield, and sprinkles your glasses as it washes the leaves into the gutters. I'm sure you can think of many more things that rain does. Amazing!

As I shop for gifts for my grandchildren, I look for toys that do multiple things. When I write I want to infuse meaning, often multiple meanings in one book. In fact, with all of the options we have for creating books these days, I can create multiple forms of a similar idea. It can feel complicated and confusing at times putting ideas together in different ways, but when it works it's like the rain serving several purposes at one time.

20 minutes walking

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