Saturday, December 18, 2010

Barren Branches

Have you ever noticed the barren branches on winter trees? Peeking out of my hood through the rain, I noticed how each of the bare trees looked so different. I hadn’t noticed the different shapes of the branches when they were covered with leaves.

Some trees have branches that are straight and smooth while others have curling gnarled branches showing years of uneven growth and harsh winters. Or was it a scorching hot summer that caused the unusual shapes?  Different types of trees in the same park were affected differently by their environment.

We each have such different temperaments that, like trees, we can be in the same family, job, or activity and each respond differently to our environments and challenges. From the outside, we see the popular styles and colors, but if we look deep enough to see the barren branches, we will discover the beauty and uniqueness underneath.

40 minutes walking in the rain

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