Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Put Me in the Scene

When I tell a story whether it is to communicate an idea to a friend, share my experiences in a job interview, or write a scene for a story, I need to put my audience in the scene. By describing details, observations, or feelings, I can bring you into my story. I want you to care about what is happening. If you've had a similar experience, or you know me or follow my blog, I may be able to bring you into the scene with me.

Step outside and notice how the air feels on your cheeks, your hands, your feet. Is the air dry or wet? How do you like it? What does the color, scent, or temperature bring to your memory. Try describing the experience verbally or in writing.

There are so many ways to tell a story or share an experience. You might describe a scene differently to a friend who knows you than you would to a stranger. You can read the scenes below and see if I was able to put you in the scene in either scenario.

Scene #1
I could barely feel my tingling cheeks and heavy fingers as I walked against the cold wind. Droplets began to blur my vision. I wasn't prepared for the rain. Despite the chill my hands warmed up on the walk home.

Scene #2
I went for a walk and came back because it was cold and rainy.

40 minutes walking

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