Sunday, July 25, 2010

Walking Conversation

I had a wonderful "walking conversation" this morning. Walking gives me energy and inspiration. Just being outdoors in the fresh air is healthy and gives me added Vitamin D, but I don't always want to walk. A "walking conversation" makes the walk enjoyable. I can walk for an hour without even noticing the time when I'm having a conversation. Talking and listening skills are important for relationship building, teamwork, leadership, and successful career development. Employers say that communication skills are one of the most important assets an employee can have. Entrepreneurs have an even greater need to communicate in a variety of different styles.

Variety makes life more interesting and keeps the senses sharp. I walk on a different path everyday or notice something new on the same path. I find it easy to have my mind on something I need to do, something I should have done, or something I can't seem to accomplish. Walking in nature and observing the birds and geese finding food, companionship, and exercise outdoors reminds me that I have everything I need if I just look for it. Expecting everything to come to me, doing things the same way everyday, and enjoying indoor conveniences can be very comforting. But stepping out of my comfort zone from time to time opens up new possibilities I hadn't thought of before. If you are experiencing a crisis or transition and nothing seems to be working, try something new. Walk on a different path or choose a different destination. You might find something more amazing than you ever imagined.

60 minutes walking

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  1. This is good! Made me want to go for a walk.....Jean


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