Friday, July 23, 2010

Accidental Creative

I got out for my walk at a little after 8:00 AM PST. I am shooting for eight without sticking to an exact schedule. Time freedom is one of my values, but creativity and productivity require a certain amount of routine. At least that is what I heard on my walking podcast from the Accidental Creative. I am finding the words ring very true for me. I was thinking today that I need a routine for making sure I walk everyday at least 20 minutes and usually much more.

Walking elevates creativity, productivity, energy, and mood. Listening to the podcast about the increasing need for using your mind and producing on demand in the workplace, reminded me that I have the ability to spontaneously come up with creative ideas, but I can’t imagine creating on demand all day. By disciplining myself to walk and write everyday, I am generating an environment for greater creativity on a regular basis. I have never been able to get up in the morning and spontaneously write and create. Walking is making it easy.

Some of the creative disciplines discussed in the podcast are asking why, looking for multiple options, and practice. A LifeWork Coach asks: "what made you think of that?" "Why is it important?"and "What was important about that?" Creative “whys” take you deeper to find what is really behind the thought or idea to help you move forward with it. In career development and job search it is easy to feel like there is one solution, one perfect job, the best resume. Creating multiple options, working on the one that seems best, and surfing for the impossible, opens up unlimited possibilities. An accidental creative brings together many possibilities to come up with something greater than any one option. Contact Nancy Miller to continue the conversation.

Enjoy! Create! Walk!

20 minutes walking

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