Wednesday, July 21, 2010

On a Mission

Wind in my face, dogs barking, machines humming, purple flowered trees, shade. It was another beautiful morning for a walk. July is usually warm in the mornings, and I tend to procrastinate about going for a walk anyway. I could easily have missed a beautiful morning. My negative thinking could have fueled my procrastination if I hadn't been on a mission. I tend to shorten my walk when I feel like I don't want to go. I have any number of excuses besides the heat. I'm too busy, I'll go in a few minutes, I'm in the middle of writing something and don't want to quit now are some of my mantras.

I made the pesto after getting the pine nuts on my trip to the store yesterday. Turns out you only need about 2 teaspoons for pesto pasta. I'm still not sure why the pine nuts are needed for a pasta sauce, but it was colorful and delicious. Now I have at least a cup of pesto left, thus my motivation to walk back to the store for pizza ingredients.

I listened to a podcast from "Living Green" on the value of being outdoors. As I listened to the athletic speaker talking about "Nature Deficit Disorder" in young people and even adults some of whom don't have opportunities to experience nature, I looked at the green trees and cool grass and felt blessed that I can experience the outdoors. In his recent book, "Last Child in the Woods," Richard Louv discusses the effects of not spending time outdoors such as increased obesity and depression. Why would a miss a morning when I have the opportunity?

You are invited to join me for a Walk About U! Talk about what's on your mind with a personal/career coach. An athletic trainer motivates, challenges, and holds the athlete accountable. A personal/career coach can do the same for you in your life/career transitions. A Walk About U! conversation can inspire you to walk and live a more healthful lifestyle. Contact Nancy Miller to schedule your first Walk About U! Use the Contact Form to let me know what you want to walk about.

50 minutes walking

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