Tuesday, July 20, 2010

A Perfect Mix

What a beautiful morning for taking a walk! After temperatures in the triple digits, a cool morning was wonderful. I felt the warm sun on my back and a cool breeze in my face. It was the perfect mix of warm sun and cool breeze as I walked to the store.

I like to have a destination in mind when I walk. Today I was on a mission to pick up some pine nuts for making pesto. A friend gave me 2 bunches of basil. I was motivated to make pesto, but I have never fixed it before. After seeing the cost of pine nuts at my local grocery store, I thought I might shop somewhere else or look for substitutions the next time I decide to make pesto.

Then again, there are times when it is worth it to pay a little more for a grocery item if it means a walk outdoors which costs nothing. The cost and added pollutants needed to drive somewhere else would outweigh the cost of the pine nuts. I wasn't sure if they are necessary, but since they are listed in all of the recipes, needing the extra ingredient was a good excuse to walk. There are so many things to observe outdoors.

As I walked, I looked up at the blue sky smattered with thin jelly fish clouds. A few brown leaves swept across the sidewalk under a canopy of shifting tree branches. I walked past houses, flowers, and crisp white sidewalks baking in the sun. There were dips, cracks, and asphalt to walk across. People walking dogs, dogs barking, grandparents strolling babies, and my daughter walking her baby and dog. The sights and sounds I experienced are now in my memory, in words, and feelings that will stay with me. Banking positive memories builds resiliency and optimism. I will let the sad and negative moments blow away and bask in the warmth of a perfect mix of sun and wind. Join me for a phone conversation outdoors.

50 minutes walking

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