Saturday, July 24, 2010

It's Not That Far

Today I decided to take a walk to the neighborhood lake and take some pictures of something I noticed. I had a short term goal of walking to the little lake. “It’s not that far,” I told myself. When I got there I took a few pictures of some geese nibbling the grass. I can walk a little farther I decided.

Long term goals are important. The vision of completing a book. But short-term goals keep me going. I like to set a reachable goal and then go a little further and see where it takes me. Walking and writing everyday are goals I know I can reach. I let my mind wander, my feet take me in different directions and I walk toward my greater goal of writing a book.

Today was a busy Saturday morning in the park. Families, grandparents, and children all walking. Bicycles whiz by, dogs run around, and birds sing. I remember a time when I didn’t have a place to walk. I used to run around the backyard, make obstacle courses for us in the house, and stair step at work, or stretch my legs while sitting in my office chair. Any kind of exercise helps with energy, health, and creativity, but being outdoors provides much needed vitamin D and fresh air.

Now I have an interesting adventure every time I walk. The only hazards in our neighborhood are the dog owners who let their dogs run loose. With a fabulous park in the neighborhood and adventures around the corner, why wouldn’t I walk?

Join me or tell us about your walking adventures.

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  1. Me too! I love to walk and get my creativity flowing!


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