Thursday, July 22, 2010


I didn’t want to walk today. I had too many things to do.  I could just wait until tomorrow.  I thought about missing a post, and decided to take my camera and walk through the park. I got to the park and found sprinklers spraying the sidewalks. Hum, I guess I’ll have to walk in the street to get around them. I wouldn't be able to take pictures today. I walked out to the street and observed the sprinklers. Some were low to the ground, one sprayed straight up in the air. They seemed to almost dance across the grass. I got out my camera to capture the magic. As I got closer I saw a faint rainbow of colors in the spray. I could have easily let the morning slip by without walking. It wouldn't have been very hard to miss the beauty of the morning by being annoyed.

My computer has been down for two weeks and I wanted to catch up, emails needed responses, and I had a CareerWell teleconference. It would be so easy to skip the walk. Journaling my walking experiences daily keeps me on track with my commitment to better health, my goal of walking everyday, and accountability to myself and to my audience through writing this blog.

Join me in a walking conversation.

30 minutes walking

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