Monday, April 25, 2011

Having a garden

I love gardening, or I should say I love having a garden. We went to the nursery yesterday. I picked out tomato plants, lots of peppers--jalapeno, peperoncini, orange, and yellow as well as lettuce and strawberries. I like to think about the delicious salsa, salads, and colorful dishes we'll have this summer. While I am looking up ways of cooking the vegetables, Bruce is out planting. He likes to sit out in the sun and dig in the soil while I sit in my office writing. We are quite a team.

We both enjoy watering a little too much. This year we will cut back on the water which should produce a more abundant crop. We (we as in Bruce) transplanted the Lemon Balm plant that took over the garden last year. I knew the plant could be prolific, but when I planted it in the square foot garden last year I was amazed at how it overshadowed the vegetables and herbs. It grew through winter frost and rain, and still I had to cut it way back. I enjoyed lemon balm, mint, honey green tea all year.

I love having a garden, smelling the pungent herbs, picking the fresh tomatoes and peppers each morning, and adding color to my day. What do you like in your garden?

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